• Four Situations That Mean Gutter Screen Installation Is Best Left To The Pros

    As a homeowner, you're probably used to hiring professionals to repair and maintain various parts of your home. But you may also be used to pushing the envelope as far as you can when it comes to doing the home repair yourself. So when you're considering something like gutter screens or covers, you'll probably want to know whether this is one of those DIY projects or something that warrants calling in the pros.
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  • What Is Powder Coatin?

    There are all kinds of coatings that can be put on metal. The reason that metal is coated with those coatings is because it helps protect the metal from things like rust and other damage. One kind of coating that can be used is powder coating. But what is powder coating? Powder Coating A powder coating is one that when it is applied it is sprayed as a dry powder. It is applied electrostatically.
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