Why You May Need To Hire A Dirt Work Contractor

Posted on: 16 December 2020


When property owners are planning projects for the first time, it can feel a little strange to hire a dirt contractor. After all, don't most properties already come with supplies of dirt? There are, however, many good reasons to bring in a dirt work contractor. Here are three of the most likely ones.


Digging up dirt is a critical part of putting in a foundation, and you may also need a contractor to add some. The earth underneath a foundation needs to be able to support the structure above it, and that's not always as simple as it sounds. Some locations have lots of rock, for example, but not much in the way of good soil. If there are gaps in the space below a foundation, this can cause concrete to settle or water to get into the foundation.

A dirt work contractor can dig the hole needed for a foundation. They can then clean up the base to provide an even and compact layer of dirt for the foundation contractors to install slabs and walls.

Engineering Issues

The same sorts of problems a foundation might have may extend to the rest of the property, too. Even if it just leads to aesthetic issues, that something that can make the landscape look unappealing. There are also scenarios where it might create trouble if you want to add a pool or water features on the property. Likewise, some engineering issues away from the foundation can damage the building, such as soil that is slowly pushing toward or pulling away from the structure.

It's wise to have an engineer study what's wrong with the location before you begin any work. A dirt contractor can then follow the engineer's specifications to remedy the identified problems. They also can make adjustments as they get more hands-on with the project.


A property's landscape tends to direct the water that flows through. Even if the location is very dry, terrain problems can appear suddenly if there is, for example, a rainstorm or heavy snow. This is especially the case in hilly regions, but it can appear in flat spaces if there's just a bit of a gradient. 

Sometimes water issues don't look dramatic. Over years or decades, though, water moving toward a foundation can undermine it. It's best to have a dirt contractor to help you shape, fill, and redesign the area to address these problems early. Contact a dirt contractor for more information.