How to Tell If Your Roof Needs Attention

Posted on: 9 July 2020


The roof on your home should last twenty to thirty years, but if you purchased the residence sometime during that time, it is hard to say how old the roof is. It is crucial to monitor the roof's condition to ensure that it is not leaking, but there are some signs that you could have a problem with the roof and know what to look for is critical.

1. Dark Spots and Dips In the Roof

Look at the roof from the ground and note any dark spots in the roof that could be wet areas or missing roofing materials. Stand back far enough the see the entire roof and look at the roofline as well. There should not be any dips in the roof, so if the roof has a dip in the center, it is good to call a roof repair contractor and have them look at the roof for you. 

The dip in the roof could be a result of a roof with too many layers of shingles or other roofing material on it, or it could be caused by the wood under the roof starting to rot. Both conditions are serious, and the roofing repair company will need to inspect the roof further to determine what needs to be done.

2. Loose Shingles or Roofing Material

One of the most significant indications that there is something wrong on the roof is loose materials coming off the roof. If the roofing shingles or other material starts coming loose, the likelihood that you need roof repair services is pretty good. 

The roofing material will typically start to come loose if the shingles start to dry out and lose the flexibility or of the nails holding the material on the roof started to come loose. If the fasteners are coming loose, the wood under the roof may be rotting and letting the fasteners work free over time. It is essential to have a roofing repair company inspect the roof if you start to see material coming loose.

3. Leaking Inside the Roof

It is good to check the roof inside your home for signs of water coming into the house regularly. The wood underlayment may have water stains or mold growing on it inside the attic space that indicates water is getting under the roofing materials. 

If you see signs that water has gotten under the shingles, call a roof repair company right away and have the entire roof inspected for leaks. The roofing repair contractor will look over the whole roof and let you know if you have a problem that needs repairing or if the entire roof needs replacing.