3 Common Misconceptions About Chain-Link Fence Repair

Posted on: 22 October 2019


Of all of the types of fencing that can keep a property secure, a chain-link fence is perhaps the most capable. However, a property is only as secure as a fence, so if there are damages to a chain-link fence, they should be immediately tended to by a professional. Here are a few common misconceptions regarding repairing a chain-link fence. 

Misconception: If one link is broken, you have to have the full panel replaced. 

If the repair you are looking for is as simple as a few messed-up links in one panel of the fencing, you should know that the entire panel probably will not have to be replaced. Individual wires of the fence can actually be woven through to repair links that have been broken. Even when this is not a possibility, most breaks in the wiring can be mended with solder or welding material. The only time full panels have to be replaced is if the damages are so extensive that it would be more financially logical to replace the whole panel of wired fencing. 

Misconception: Chain-link fence repair is expensive. 

In reality, repairing a chain-link fence is not all that expensive if you are working with a good contractor. Most of these repairs will not take a long time to complete, and contractors tend to charge by the hour for their services. You will likely pay between $25 and $50 an hour for a fencing contractor. Plus, you will only have to pay for whatever materials were used for the repair, which usually is not a lot. You will likely spend somewhere between $270 and $675 for repairs. Therefore, there is no reason to delay having a fence repaired if you do not have a lot of money to spend. 

Misconception: A repaired chain link fence is not as resilient as a new fence. 

If you have your fence repaired by a professional fencing contractor, there should be no concerns that the repaired fence will not be as resilient as the rest of the fencing. Depending on the nature of the repairs, the fencing may even be stronger than what it was when it was originally installed. For example, if you have anchoring posts that shifted and caused the fence to lean, the contractor will use concrete to further anchor the posts into the ground, which can make the fence stronger than it was when it was originally erected. 

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