How New Windows Can Become Dirty Fast, And How To Prevent It

Posted on: 10 September 2019


There are obvious signs that a window needs cleaning. Unfortunately, in many cases, once these obvious signs show, it is past time for a cleaning. If you want your new windows or replacement windows to last longer and look good the whole time, you need to understand how they're getting dirty and how to keep them clean.

How Are Your New Windows Getting Dirty?

The accumulation of dust, debris, and other things that stain windows can occur even if you don't notice it. Various things can lead to these buildups. In addition, staining of your new windows can occur from both inside and outside sources. Some sources of inside window soiling can include:

  • Things that create smoke such as candles, cooking, and cigarettes.
  • Pets and children as they can touch, smudge, scratch and otherwise ruin a window.
  • Moisture and steam can make some staining even worse.
  • Grease will also film windows and leave a residue that is hard to clean.
  • Some cleaning products are not ideal for windows and will stain instead of clean.

For many of these sources, there's not much you can do. You should continue to indulge in your normal activities and routines. Just know those activities will require you to clean your windows from the inside more often.

There are just as many opportunities for your windows to suffer from exterior staining. Some sources of exterior window staining can include:

  • Car exhaust in high traffic areas.
  • Insects and bird droppings.
  • Pollen, salt and other smaller debris.

A special mention goes to water and rain. Rain and sprinkler systems do not always stain windows. However, acidic rain or using water that contains some dirtiness can lead to window staining. For example, recycled or greywater can contain particulate that builds up on your windows. Minerals in water can also cause a slow buildup.

How Can You Keep Your New Windows Clean?

Luckily, despite the tremendous number of things that can soil your new windows, keeping them clean is relatively simple. You can search and find numerous window cleaning methods and products. If you use a product specifically made for window cleaning, make sure you follow all directions closely.

Here are some general tips for keeping your new windows clean:

  • Use a soft towel, sponge, or cloth and never use paper or anything abrasive.
  • Invest in a squeegee tool for your windows.
  • Clean your window screens when you do a deep window cleaning.

Your new windows can stay clean, clear, and vibrant if you pay attention to them and show them some care.