Keeping Your House Looking Great With Fresh Paint

Posted on: 13 February 2019


Having a home that is nice inside is excellent, but if it needs work outside, it might not be very inviting to your friends or guests that come to your home. A house that needs paint and repairs on the outside will also have a lower property resale value, so if you are considering selling it at some point, you may benefit from something as simple as new paint.

Before You Start Painting 

Your home may need some repair work on the outside or removal some of the paint that was previously on the house before you start painting. If you are going to have a contractor paint the house, have them come out to the property and give you an estimate, including any prep work that may need completing before they start painting. 

Applying new paint over paint that is peeling is a recipe for disaster, so scraping the old paint may take more time, but it will help the new paint adhere and last for many years.

Applying Primer to The Home

Once all the old paint is gone from the house, priming the spots with bare wood will seal the wood and help the paint adhere better in those areas. Some colors do not require a primer, but most paints will use high-quality paint and will take the time to prime and bare wood because it adds a level of protection to your home's siding. 

Alternative Siding Materials

Some homes do not have wood siding on them. Some of the options where aluminum siding, cement board, and fiberboard. Painting these materials is a little different in terms of preparing the home, but your painting contractor will know how to best deal with whatever material you have on your home. 

Choosing Colors for Your Home

While it might seem funny to mention, the color you put on your house can make a difference in the way the home looks. Sure, you could go with white, but if you want the home to look great and stand out in the neighborhood, it is a good idea to take a little time to consider paint color options. If you are not sure what colors you like for the home, ask your painter what they think. They may have some suggestions based on the style of the house, and the years of experience they have painting other homes. 

If you are unsure about the color, have the painter start with a small area that you can test the color on before painting the entire house. Changing the color is easier the earlier you decide you want or need something different. For more information, contact a company like Albrecht & Son LLC