Looking To Have New Windows Installed? Learn About These Three Myths First

Posted on: 21 November 2018


Windows help to let sunlight in, while also insulating your home. They keep warm air out in the summer and cool air out in the winter. If your windows are drafty, broken or old, you may be looking to purchase new ones and have them installed in your home. Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding the installation process. Learning about these myths will help you to better understand the truth surround window installation. Here are a few of these myths and the truths surrounding them. 

Installing Replacement Windows is Different Than Installing New Windows

One of the myths out there is that installing replacement windows is different than installing new windows. In most cases, the process of installing new windows is exactly the same as installing replacement windows. The only time there is a difference in installing the two is when there is dry rot or damage to the existing window frame. As long as there is no existing damage to the structure, both new and replacement windows follow the same steps when being installed. 

New Windows Cannot Be Installed During the Winter Months

Another common myth surround window installation is that new windows cannot be installed during the winter months. When winter hits, it can be freezing and there may be rain or snow to contend with. While it can affect the process of installing replacement windows, it does not prevent it altogether. During the winter months, a skilled installer can still install windows on your home. They may just take the project one window at a time and use a different adhesive and caulk to ensure they harden and cure, even on the coldest of days. 

You Can Install Replacement Windows Yourself

The latest myth surrounding window installation is that you can install replacement windows yourself. Thanks to tutorials readily available on the Internet, do-it-yourself projects have increased. However, when it comes to window installation, you should avoid doing it yourself. You can void the warranty on your new window if you install it yourself, rather than leaving it to a licensed contractor. Additionally, damage can be done to the structure of your home or you can decrease the energy efficiency of your windows if they are improperly installed. 

If you need new windows, it is important to find a reliable and licensed window installation company to help you with your install project. Call at least three different companies to obtain quotes and to find the company right for your home.