Four Situations That Mean Gutter Screen Installation Is Best Left To The Pros

Posted on: 5 March 2018


As a homeowner, you're probably used to hiring professionals to repair and maintain various parts of your home. But you may also be used to pushing the envelope as far as you can when it comes to doing the home repair yourself.

So when you're considering something like gutter screens or covers, you'll probably want to know whether this is one of those DIY projects or something that warrants calling in the pros. The fact is that gutter screen installation is generally considered the purview of pros, especially in these four situations.

1. Your home has customized or high-up gutters

If you've built your dream home with whimsical custom gutters that don't work well with gutter screens, a professional installation may be the best way to get the gutter system to play nice with the screen system. In addition, if you have a big, fancy home, your gutters may be higher off the ground than usual. And the higher they are, the riskier it is to climb a ladder to reach them. 

2. You want the best systems available

The type of gutter covers you can buy easily in the store for a DIY project is often not the best materials out there. You may have to do the research to find a gutter expert who has proprietary gutter screens that really work. And many of these systems are quite innovative and can't be installed as quickly or easily as a more basic system. They're often worth it in increased effectiveness, though.

3. You've been having health issues or concerns

Whether it's an injury or a series of dizzy spells, any physical limitation or illness should put all thoughts of ladders out of your head. It's just not worth the added risk. In this case, keep your feet on the ground and choose a professional for any gutter work, roof work, or other ladder-related construction or maintenance. 

4. You don't want to mess up your shingles

Choose your gutter screen systems carefully. You'll need to do the research to make sure they won't interfere with your shingles at the eaves. There are some types of DIY gutter screens that do need to be installed just under your shingles at the eaves, which can compromise your roof's integrity. This means that even if your roof doesn't develop a leak, the warranty may no longer apply. So whether you choose a DIY option or a pro, be sure to double-check this factor in advance.

These four situations make it especially important to hire a reputable professional for your gutter screen installation needs.