4 Fence Maintenance Tips That Help Your Wood Fence Last Longer

Posted on: 4 October 2017


Wood fencing is a very attractive and practical material to use for fencing around your home. The wood materials you use for fencing will also need more maintenance than metal, vinyl and other materials. There are good maintenance practices that you can do to ensure your wood fencing lasts for years and only needs minor repairs. Here are a few wood fence maintenance tips that will help ensure you get more life out of your fence:

1. Protecting Your Fence from Discoloration and Regular Cleaning

As your fence ages, discoloration can be the first sign of wear and you want to protect it from rot. First, it is a good idea to use some type of ground cover near the base of fencing to protect the wood from dirt that splashes up on the fence. In addition, make sure that you regularly clean your fence to protect it from wear due to dirt and particles in the air that can cause fungus to grow on the fence. Occasionally clean the fence with a garden hose and mild cleaner to ensure that dirt does not get inside the grains of wood, which leads to fungus growth and eventually rot of wood materials.

2. Dealing with Isolated Wood Rot Problems and Replacing Materials

Isolated problems with rot are something that you will eventually have to deal with if you have any wood features in your landscaping. With wood fencing, the rot is usually a problem anywhere materials are in contact with the ground and soils. The posts of wood fencing are one area that often rots, which can be prevented by using anchors embedded in concrete and keeping posts out of the soil. In addition, there may occasionally be a section of fence with rot at the bottom in some areas, which you will want to replace any wood materials that are showing signs of rot.

3. Pressure Washing and Sealing Fencing to Protect It from Weathering

Part of the regular maintenance that wood fencing needs are sealing. Before you apply a coat of stain and sealant to the wood, you will want to pressure wash the fence. When you use a pressure washer on wood, make sure that the nozzle is adjusted to a wide spray and clean a safe distance from the fence to avoid damaging the materials. Once you have the fence cleaned, you can apply a fresh coat of sealant to protect the wood for the next few years. This is something that you will also want to do if you have done repairs and the new materials do not match the old materials.

4. Concrete Footings and Pads To Protect Wood From Exposure to Soils

The biggest cause of damage to soils is exposure to the soils and ground below the fence. Concrete is a great way to protect fencing. Talk with a concrete contractor about installing concrete footings with post anchors to protect the posts that hold up your fence from rot. You may also want to have them install concrete pads that can have a stamped finish to protect sections of wood fencing. The concrete pads can be integrated into areas of outdoor living space, such as a patio area.

These are a few wood fence maintenance tips that will help ensure that you get more life out of your wood fence. Contact a concrete contractor like Haas Construction to help with the installation of concrete features that will help protect your fence from rot.