2 Ways To Handle Water In Your Basement

Posted on: 7 September 2017


If you have a basement, you run the risk of ending up with water in your basement which can ruin your belongings and destroy your house. However, there are things that you can do to help deal with water in your basement. 

Basement Drains

One option is to have a drain built into your basement floor. With this option, there is a drain that is placed somewhere in your floor so that the water will drain away and then be carried away from your house. Depending on your basement, the drain could be in the middle of the floor or it could be off to one side. The floor will probably be slightly graded so that the water will flow down into the drain. Generally, from there the water can be run into your sewer/septic line, into a sump pump, or out to a storm drain. Usually, you have to have these drains installed when you build your house since the pipes and the drain have to go down into your floor. However, you can have your basement retrofitted with a drain so it can handle the water that flows into your basement. 

Sump Pump

Another option is to go with a sump pump. With a sump pump, water flows down into the sump, which is a pit dug into your basement floor. The water flows down into the sump. When the water level reaches a certain level, the pump kicks on. That optimal level can be determined by a lot of things, but once it's set, there will a float that sits on the top of the water. When the float goes up, it triggers the pump. It's like the float in your toilet. When the pump turns on, it sends the water out of your house and then out to where it can be washed away. Like a floor drain, you can send it through your sewer lines or out to a storm drain. This is also something that you can have retrofitted into your house, but it will take some work and time to get it done, especially since you may have to have pipes dug into your yard for the water to go to. 

If you are worried about water in your basement or you have seen a lot of water in your basement, there are things that you can do that will help you handle the problem. Contact a plumber, like West Sound Plumbing Service, for more help.