Reasons To Choose Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Posted on: 17 July 2017


When you make the decision to put hardwood in one or more rooms throughout your home, there are a number of subsequent decisions that you'll have to make. The color and type of wood are worth considering carefully, given that this is an investment in your home that you're not going to want to change in the near future. You should also give some thought to the width of the hardwood flooring you select. It's customary for hardwood flooring to come in pieces that are just a couple of inches wide, but many specialty retailers also sell wide plank hardwood, which is significantly wider. Here are some reasons to choose this type.

It Can Be Easier On The Eyes

In some cases, narrower hardwood flooring can seem a little too visually stimulating in a room. If the lines between each of the planks are obvious, which can be the case in certain styles and colors of hardwood, you may find that the floor looks a little busy. The result may be a floor that stands out more that you'd like, which could be especially bothersome in a smaller room. With wider planks, you won't get as many obvious lines, which can make the flooring appear easier on the eyes.

It Can Feel Nicer Underfoot

When you walk barefoot or in socks over a hardwood floor, you want it to feel nice under your feet. With thinner planks, you'll often be more aware of the tiny gaps between the planks when you walk over the floor. The sensation to your feet isn't necessarily unpleasant, but the sensation may not be something that you particularly favor. This isn't a worry when you opt for wide plank flooring. Because each of the planks is wider, more of your feet will be stepping on the planks, rather than the gaps, which can feel nicer underfoot.

It Provides A Higher-End Look

Hardwood flooring is often highly affordable from larger vendors, which means that many homeowners are opting for this type of flooring for their homes. The wide plank variety, however, is more commonly sold at specialty shops, where you'll not only get better wood, but you'll also get better service, and many people who have hardwood don't have this variety. If you're looking for a hardwood floor that stands out beyond what the average person has and gives your home a high-end appearance, wide plank flooring can be a suitable choice.

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