Eliminate Automotive Oil From An Asphalt Driveway And Seal The Pavement's Surface

Posted on: 17 July 2017


If automotive oil spilled onto the surface of the asphalt driveway that adjoins your property's garage, remove the substance by completing the steps below. Afterward, provide the driveway with a thorough cleaning to restore the pavement's appearance and apply a fresh coat of sealant to protect asphalt from staining and damage.


  • sawdust
  • cat litter
  • powdered laundry detergent
  • shop vacuum cleaner
  • asphalt cleanser
  • water hose
  • bucket
  • wooden stirrer
  • deck brush
  • handheld brush (stiff bristles)
  • power nozzle
  • drop cloths
  • asphalt sealant
  • wide paint roller (thick nap)
  • paint roller frame and handle

Soak Up Oil And Eliminate Stains From The Asphalt

Pour an even layer of sawdust, cat litter, or powdered laundry detergent over the oil. Any of the materials that are added to the oil will act as a poultice and soak up the oil. Leave the oil covered for several hours. Afterward, use a shop vacuum cleaner's hose to suck up the material that was used to absorb the oil. Prepare a cleaning solution by adding a small amount of an asphalt cleanser to a bucket of warm water. Stir the contents in the bucket for a couple minutes.

Use a deck brush to work the cleaning solution into stained asphalt. Press down on the brush's handle and move the brush back and forth to loosen stains. If stains are near the edges of the driveway and are difficult to eliminate with the deck brush, move a handheld scrub brush that has been dipped into the cleaning solution over each dirty surface. 

Rinse The Asphalt And Apply A Coat Of Sealant

Connect a power nozzle to a standard water hose. Adjust the nozzle to one of the strongest settings and spray the asphalt with water to eliminate the cleaning solution from its surface. Wait for the pavement to dry thoroughly. Protect grass and plants that are adjacent to the driveway by draping drop cloths across them. Place a paint tray next to one side of the driveway. Fill the tray with asphalt sealant.

After securing a frame and extension handle to a wide paint roller, coat the roller with sealant. Move the roller across the asphalt, pushing the roller from one end of the driveway to the opposite end. Add more sealant to the paint roller when it is needed. Once the asphalt is covered with an even amount of sealant, wait for the driveway to dry thoroughly before walking or driving on the paved surface. 

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