Common Indications Of Potential Rock Fall Issues Every Homebuyer Should Know

Posted on: 21 February 2017


Buying a home has you making lists for a lot of issues you don't want to inherit. However, while sifting through all of the usual checklist items like making sure the septic system and wiring are okay, it is easy to forget some of the exterior property problems that could come into play. This is especially true for homes that are in a location prone to problems with rock fall. While rockfall issues may not be a complete deal breaker as a buyer, this is definitely a property issue you should be well aware of before buying a home. Check out these common indications that rock fall could be a problem on a property you are considering making your own. 

There are steep rocky inclines near the home. 

Rock fall is naturally more common in some geographical areas than others. One geographical feature that can mean rock fall could be a threat is if the home is situated near a steep, rocky incline that has obvious boulders and rocks up high. While not every steep rocky mountain will shed loose rocks, many will eventually, so pay careful attention to the makeup of cliff faces and look for signs of erosion that could exacerbate the problem. 

The yard surrounding the home is filled with smaller rocks and gravel. 

If a home has mountainous properties around it, take a close look at the ground around the outside of the house. Look for large rocks and gravel that has obviously fallen from the hills surrounding the home. If there is already an issue with small rocks being shed down onto the property, bigger issues could eventually be present with larger rocks also falling, and this can cause a great deal of damage to your home and property. 

There are signs of prior rockfall prevention measures. 

Once homeowners realize there is an issue with rock fall, they will usually take at least some measure to keep rocks from falling onto their property, but many will only do the minimum. Look for signs of crude rockfall solutions on the property, such as retaining walls built at the base of an incline or even a fence placed in what would normally be an odd location. If you spot anything like this, make an effort to discuss if there have been prior issues with rock fall on the property with the existing homeowner. 

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