How To Know If Your Revolving Door Needs To Be Checked Out By A Professional

Posted on: 5 December 2016


In order to ensure you never find yourself stuck on the wrong side of a revolving door that no longer revolves, you will need to be well aware of the signs that may indicate it is time for a professional repair.

It Makes Strange Noises When It Moves

The revolving door should not make much noise when it is in motion. If anything, if should make a slight humming-type sound, which would probably come from the movement of the gears. However, if you are starting to notice loud and unusual sounds that you are not used to hearing, then you need to quickly call a professional repair technician. It could be the motor starting to break down or it could be one of the sockets beginning to fall apart. Either way, if this issue is not addressed soon, there is a chance that the door could suddenly stop moving.

It Is Hitting The Floor Or Frame

You should never hear, see, or feel any moving portion of the door hitting or dragging on something else. If you are, then it is most likely due to the framework being out of place. It may have shifted due to extreme settling of the property. Then again, there could be connection parts that are starting to come loose. When they start to come loose, the revolving door may have trouble staying in place and it can lean to the point that it is dragging off of something. This is not only a hassle, but it can be a danger as well. For example, the piece that is dragging could catch on someone's foot or hand and then you would be financially responsible for those injuries.

You Have To Give It A Hard Push

Whether your revolving door is an automatic or manual one, you should never have to put a lot of effort into pushing on the door to get it to move. The moment you start to notice that people are beginning to struggle with the opening of your door is the moment you need to give a skilled contractor a call. Some parts may need to be greased up or simply replaced. Either way, a quality contractor will be able to get the door in perfect working order once again.

When you are quick to take action after discovering any of the previously mentioned issues, you will not have to worry much about the revolving door getting completely stuck one day. Contact a company like Dynamic Door Service, Inc. to learn more.