Nipping It In The Bud: How To Go About Dealing With Your Neighbors Trees In Your Yard

Posted on: 5 October 2016


Having a dispute with your neighbor is something that you should deal with carefully. Since you likely share close quarters with your neighbors, staying on good terms is always the best idea. If your neighbor has a tree or several trees that are extending onto your property this is something that you will need to carefully remedy so that both of you can continue to enjoy your property. 

Have a walk through by a tree service

When you decide that you need to have a tree cut that is falling over into your yard, you should seek out a tree service to come perform a walk through. This service can let you know what kind of work will be required in order to get the tree limbs to a manageable length and solve any issues that you are having with the exterior of the tree. The tree service can also let you know if there will be a future problem with any of your home structures and the roots of the tree. Learning about and being able to preemptively take care of problems will help you and your neighbor with the tree. 

Speak with your neighbor about your plans

If your neighbor's tree is extending over onto your property this can cause several issues. If the tree is a seasonal tree that sheds leaves, it can mean more raking for you. If the tree bears fruits or nuts, this can mean excess items falling and hitting your yard and roof, along with possible hungry critters on your property. If you decide that you need to cut the limbs of the tree that are on your side, you should let your neighbors know of your plans. You can have a leisurely conversation with your neighbor and let them know that you will cut the limbs but not damage the tree. 

Let your neighbor inspect after the work is done

Once you have had the tree service clean up any issues with the tree, allow your neighbor to come by and look at the tree. Show them the work that the tree service performed and let them know how it affected the tree. Being able to take a look at their tree to see that it remained in good condition can soothe any of your neighbor's fears. Showing them that you took the time and care to keep the tree from being harmed while solving any problems can also help keep a good and trusting relationship with your neighbor.