Custom Fireplace Ideas To Make A Classic Fireplace Modern

Posted on: 16 September 2016


A fireplace is a classic home addition that adds a charming appeal to any home. If you want to make your own fireplace more modern so it matches the rest of your home's contemporary design, you don't have to tear it down completely in order to do so. Here are ways you can upgrade your old fireplace so it matches the rest of your home easily.

Install a new gas design

If your current fireplace is a gas design, you can replace the older style with a modern one that has a closing door. Many gas fireplaces simply have a screen on the front, which can age your entire family room or living room as a result. Have a bronze-style door placed on the front of your current heat source to give it a modern, warm pizzazz that will blend with the rest of your home nicely. Copper or stainless steel styles are also a popular choice that will last through many trends.

Redo the brick

A classic brick fireplace can date a home negatively and make you feel less warmth than you'd like. Have a construction company replace old red brick for fresh blue, purple, white, or even gray brick. You can even have a few glittery rock pieces installed randomly with your brick design to offset the symmetry for a sophisticated flair. If brick isn't your style, you can opt for slate or granite slats instead to add dimension and a rugged natural design that can make any room look more grand.

Expand the mantel

Your fireplace may be more of a conversation piece in your home than a useful heat source, and if this is the case, you want to make the area more functional. A construction company can expand the width and length of your mantel so you can store books, bric-a-brac, or family photos with ease. Have twisted columns placed on either end of your mantel to give this stylish area of your home an even greater appeal so it always takes center stage.

A custom fireplace can make your home feel more inviting and make the room it's in even grander. Before you have any construction company make upgrades to your current fireplace design, decide how often you plan on using your heat source so your construction expert can suggest upgrades that will be most beneficial for your fireplace's ultimate use. This way, you can have a beautiful fireplace you can both adore looking at and enjoy using on a chilly day.

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