Answering A Few Questions About Garage Door Springs

Posted on: 6 August 2016


Problems with your garage door can be a serious issue to encounter. While a garage door has numerous moving parts, the spring is often a part of the door that many homeowners may not understand. To this end, you may benefit from having the following questions about garage door springs answered.

How Can You Tell If Your Garage Door Spring Is Damaged?

There can be a number of warning signs that can alert you to a problem with your garage door's spring. For example, if the spring breaks, you may hear a loud bang occur and the garage door may slam to the ground. When the spring is warped, there may be a loud grinding sound that occurs when the door is raising and lowering.

Why Should You Avoid Trying To Repair The Spring Yourself?

It is often advised for homeowners to avoid attempting to repair these springs. However, some individuals may not take these warnings very seriously. Unfortunately, this can expose them to the risk of suffering serious injuries. This can happen due to the spring being under tremendous stress. If you make a mistake when working on it, you can cause the spring to snap or come loose, which can send metal flying at high speeds. While there will be a cost in hiring a professional to repair these springs, it can be a minor inconvenience for ensuring that you avoid the risk of these injuries.

What Can You Do To Avoid Problems With Your Garage Door Spring?

A malfunctioning garage door spring can be an inconvenient and expensive problem for your home to suffer. However, you might not be aware of some of the steps that you can take to help prevent these issues from arising. For example, keeping the garage door opener dusted can help to minimize issues with the spring. This is due to the fact that dust can get on the spring where it may absorb the lubricant. Additionally, you will also want to make sure that you are having the opener serviced every year. During these service visits, the technician will ensure that the system is properly balanced, which can help to reduce the wear on the spring.

The garage door spring is one of the more important components of this part of your home. By knowing some of the more common warning signs of issues with the garage door spring, the dangers of attempting to repair this spring without professional help and the steps for preventing problems with it, you will be better informed about this important part of your home. Interested in learning more about garage doors? Why not look here?