A Quiet Remodel: Soundproofing Your Home

Posted on: 19 February 2016


Life is noisy, and sometimes just getting through your workday can hurt your ears and make your head hurt. When you get home, you need some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, your walls are thin or your plumbing gurgles. Instead of wearing earplugs every night, you can undertake a modest remodel that will "soundproof" your home.


Experts explain that no action will make your home less noisy unless you first find and fill the cracks and holes that allow outdoor noise inside. Sealing the spaces around your windows and doors is essential and has the additional benefit of reducing your energy bills. You should also look at your electrical outlets, vents, and pipes. Using foam and/or additional insulation in these areas will reduce your home's noise pollution. All of these small gaps invite noise to enter your home and together they add up.

Although you can take care of many of these gaps, it's possible that your windows and doors actually need to be replaced in order to give you a tight seal. In that case, you want to talk to your contractor about expanding your remodel to include these items. 


Much of the noise in your home is generated by vibrations hitting the walls, floors, and ceilings in your home. You can interrupt this process by adding fabrics and special panels to your house's interior. Simply choosing heavy drapes can help, as can rugs and wall decorations. You can also have your contractor install special noise-quashing panels. These items are made in a variety of styles and colors, so they can actually enhance your decor. They are more expensive than do-it-yourself measures, of course, but can offer you the peace and quiet you've been seeking.


If you just sit on the sofa and listen, you will undoubtedly discover that some of the noise issues come from your appliances. Your refrigerator hums; the furnace roars, and the washing machine bangs and grinds. In some instances, simple repairs can lower the noise quotient. For instance, if a technician "rebalances" your washer, it can operate without wailing and shaking the walls. You can also invest in new appliances that are designed to make less noise. Imagine a truly quiet dishwasher. These items will add to the cost of your remodel, but their quiet operation can improve the quality of your life.

If the noise of daily life is getting you down, take action at home. Finding and correcting the sources of noise pollution in your own residence can make your home the sanctuary that you deserve. No one can totally "soundproof" a home, but a remodel can greatly reduce the noise level. Contact a company that offers whole home remodeling services to help you out with your soundproofing venture or any other remodeling you have in mind. That way when you get home at night you can concentrate on what matters: relaxing with your family.