Make Your Plaster Pretty Again: Tips For Repairing Your Plaster Walls

Posted on: 31 January 2016


Plaster is an elegant and sophisticated wall treatment, and it is commonly found in older homes. Plaster can become damaged over time and require a bit of repair or restoration.

If your plaster isn't looking too pretty, try some of these suggestions to refurbish your walls:

Filling in small holes.

When you use tacks or nails on plaster walls, you will have tiny holes to fill later. Some quick tricks include repairing with a bit of caulking or spackle on your fingertip; another do-it-yourself tactic is to fill them with a tiny amount of white toothpaste! However, if you want to repair your wall like the professionals, follow these steps:

  • Tap the area needing repair with the head of a hammer to make a small indent.
  • Use a putty knife and apply standard joint compound.
  • Wipe the excess off, and level with the wall.
  • The compound should dry white, so you may need to paint or retexture the spot.

Repairing large cracks.

If you find cracks in your plaster walls, try to avoid quick tricks and go with a professional plaster repair. The problem with caulking or filling in cracks in plaster is that the plaster underneath may continue to deteriorate and crack, which means your repair is merely temporary.

Getting rid of stains.

If you are sick of looking at a stain on your plastered surface, there are some things that you can do to lighten the stain which are safe for the finish. Try these tips to get rid of unsightly stains:

  • Lighten the stained area by adding a solution of equal parts water and bleach.
  • Use stain-blocking paint and cover an area a little bit bigger than the actual stain.
  • Allow to fully dry.
  • Repaint the area to match the wall color.

Cover your walls up.

If you are simply tired of looking at old or damaged plaster walls, there are many ways to completely refurbish and restore them. Talk to a professional about replacing them with sheet rock, or invest in a heavy, textured wallpaper to cover the space with. Online tutorials will guide you toward some inventive ways to paint plaster, too. 

If your plaster isn't perfect, don't dismay. Plaster contractors may be able to repair or replace any areas that are damaged, stained, or cracked. You may also use these tips and techniques to restore your plaster walls on your own and give your space a fresh look.