How To Add Insulation To Window Casings

Posted on: 29 October 2015


There are many ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home. In most projects, you will need to spend a lot of time and money. Installing new windows and doors is one way to increase the solar and thermal efficiency of your property. However, you can often increase the efficiency of your windows and doors by adding insulation to your existing fixtures. The casing around your window frames is usually hollow. This article explains how you can add insulation to these hollow spaces with spray-in foam insulation.

Drill Holes in the Casing

First, this project works best on homes with wooden studs and drywall. This is because there is typically a gap between the casing of the door or window fixture and end of the studs inside the way. This gap is then covered with molding. So, you can drill through the molding and spray foam into the cavity to drastically increase the thermal insulation of the fixture. You can get high capacity spray-in foam insulation from most home improvement stores. It comes in pressurized cans with a little hose. You will want a wood drill bit that is just a little bigger than the end of the hose.

Spray in the Foam

The key is to drill one hole as the top and one at the bottom of the vertical molding pieces. Spray the insulation into the top hole first. Keep spraying until you notice the foam has reached the lower hole. At this point you can tape over both holes and then move forward. On the top and bottom of the fixtures, along the horizontal molding, you want to drill holes into each end. Spray in one end, until the foam starts to creep out of the hole at the other end.

Once the foam has filled in all the cavities behind the molding, you can patch the holes. Just use a basic wood putty to cover the holes. You will need a sponge sander to smooth out the patched holes and make them flat. Then, you just need to repaint the molding and the patch should basically be invisible. It might be easier to just paint all of the molding around the door fixtures so you don't need to match the new paint with the old paint.

This simple DIY project will help increase the efficiency of your windows. It is a great project if you are hoping to make your home a little greener. For more information, contact companies like Treasure Valley Seamless Siding.