Close In Your Porch With Storm Doors & Enjoy Your Porch All Year

Posted on: 14 October 2015


If you want to extend the time you enjoy your porch into the fall and winter months, all you need to do is enclose your porch. You can easily enclose your front or back porch with storm doors and enjoy your porch even when it gets cold outside.

Measure Your Porch

The first thing you need to do is measure your porch. You need to figure out how long each side of your porch is, as well as how high your porch is. Doors can vary in size from around 30 inches to 36 inches wide, and generally run between 81 to 85 inches high. 

You will need to use these measurements to determine how many storm doors you need to put around your porch. If you purchase storm doors made of wood, you can cut them down to size so that they perfectly cover the entire edge of your porch. 

Install Your First Storm Door

You are going to want to install the first storm door in one of the corners of your porch. If you have extra room outside of your porch, you can have the doors swing out. If the room around the outside of your porch is not that small, you can have the doors swing outward. 

In the corner of your porch, install two by four timber posts against the corner of your porch. You will need to secure it to the floor and your ceiling with screws. Then, attach the hinges of your storm door to the two by four posts. 

Install Additional Doors

Once the first door is in place, you'll need to place another two by four vertically next to the door so that the storm door closes right up against the two by four lumber post. You can even add a lock or latch to the two by four to secure the door.

Then, you'll want to take your next door and attach it to the same two by four post that you have the latch on for the other door. You'll need to secure the hinges to the two by four. 

You'll want to continue this process around your entire porch. At the end of each door, you'll need to install another two by four to attach the next storm door. When you reach a corner, you'll have to cut down the wooden storm door so that it fits the space. You'll need a table saw in order to cut down the storm doors. If your storm doors are too tall for your porch, you'll need to measure the storm doors and use a table saw to cut the doors down to size. 

When you are done, your entire porch will be enclosed with storm doors. This will allow you to enjoy your porch during the fall and winter months. You can even get fresh air by opening up the storm doors. You can complete this project on your own if you are comfortable installing two by fours and have a table saw you can use to cut the storm doors down to size. Otherwise, you'll want to hire a contractor, like those at Lexington Tent & Awning, to enclose your porch for you. A contractor should be able to easily complete this project in a day or two for you.