Important Information about Flood Damage Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Posted on: 10 August 2015


Experiencing any natural disaster can be devastating. A natural event like a flood can take its toll on you and your family in several ways. One of the greatest ways you could be affected by a flood is through your health. If your home has been flooded, you should pay close attention to these tips to avoid some serious health risks.

Water Damage Provides the Perfect Environment for Mold

If your home was flooded and you have finally gotten out all the water, do not forget the wood and other materials in your home that are still there. Woods swells and starts rotting when water damaged, thus leading to the growth of dangerous molds. Persons with respiratory problems like asthma and COPD could be at a high risk of increased allergic reactions and troubled breathing when exposed to mold spores. For this reason, contacting a flood damage restoration expert is extremely vital to ensure your home is as safe as it was before it was flooded.

Floodwater Increases the Risk of Electrocution

Your risk of being electrocuted becomes far greater when flood waters have damaged wiring. For example, if you have power to your home when you go back into it after a flood, plugging in an appliance or lamp could be deadly if moisture remains in the outlets. Always contact your electric company for the removal of your electricity meter. Doing so completely ensures no power is going into your home. Bear in mind that water damage restoration professionals are trained to work in flood-damaged homes, so avoid any risk during your clean-up efforts by contacting these professionals.

Contaminated Waters Can Take Stomach Upset to a Whole New Level

Contaminated water that enters your home during a flood can be deadly if it contains bacteria from sewage or other unclean sources like dead animals and garbage. For example, if the water that flooded your home contained giardia parasites and you have a cut on your ankle, walking in that water could cause you to become infected. Always wear knee-high rubber boots when in or near flood waters. If you return to your home after a flood evacuation, going in accompanied with a trained restoration expert is a good idea for spotting serious risks and dangers right away.

A flood can ruin your peaceful life and turn your world upside down. However, despite your extreme need to be home and to get things back to normal, always remember to take your time in doing so and to be cautious for the safest entry back into your home.