Buying A New Home In A New Area? Make Sure You Do Not Need These 2 Contractors First

Posted on: 14 April 2015


If you are buying a new home in a new area, you do not want to arrive there and find things wrong, especially if you are moving far away. For example, you may have electrical problems, or problems with your plumbing or sewer. Hire the two contractors below to make sure you do not have these problems.

Sewer Repair Company

If there is a sewer on the property, make sure it is in good working order before you move in. Call a plumbing contractor or a sewer company such as Forrest Sewer Pump Service before you leave to check it out.

One problem you may notice is a bad odor when you turn on a faucet. If you notice a bad odor in every faucet in the home, then the problem is coming from the main water supply. You should call the local water utility company to have your water tested. If it is only in one or two faucets, then the contractor will check the piping for any problems. If you have old copper piping, it may have rusted, which can get into the water and cause an odor. If you have PVC piping in the home, the solvent that is used to glue the pipes together could be causing the odor. If this is the problem, the smell will go away in time.

If you have a sewer on the property and the water is not draining correctly in your home, a sewer repair company can fix it for you. They will check the sewer and piping to make sure there are no clogs. If they find any, they can use a large snake to remove them by running it through the pipes.

Make sure the company checks that there are no large trees growing near the sewer. If so, the roots can damage the piping, and cause major problems with the sewer lines. In a case like this, the trees and roots will have to be removed. The company may have to replace the sewer lines if the roots caused a lot of damage.


The electrical work in the home should be checked out thoroughly by an electrician before you purchase the home. He or she can check for problems with the wiring and other things. For example, you may think you have a ghost because the lights may flicker constantly. The electrical contractor will likely check to make sure the wiring has good connections. If they find a problem, they may have to rewire the house. 

You may lose power in the entire house even though you paid the electrical bill and there are no storms. This could be due to having breaker problems. The contractor will first make sure the breaker is not turned off. If the breaker is on, the electrical contractor will turn the electrical panel off and then back on. If the power does not stay on, he or she will test the wiring by pulling a wire out of a breaker and then putting it back in. If the power stays out, he or she will repair or replace the wiring.

It is exciting moving to a new home, and making sure everything is in good working order can make the move go much smoother.