Three Ways To Bring Worn Slate Roofing Back To Life

Posted on: 19 March 2015


Slate roofing is a material that can last for many years, but can eventually become worn and need repairs. Some slates may need to be replaced, cleaning may need to be done, or you may need to have the entire roof replaced. Some slate roofing materials may be hard to replace, which is why many people choose to have slate roof restoration done to keep the original slate that was used on their roofs. If you want to bring your worn slate roof back to life, here are three things that can be done to restore it to its original condition:

1. Cleaning And Replacing Damaged Slates  

If the damage and wear to your slate roofing is minor, cleaning the roof and replacing damaged slate may be a good solution. This is something that should be done as part of the regular maintenance and upkeep of a slate roof. It is also a more affordable restoration process, which can commonly be done on newer slate roofs that have minimal wear. If you have an older slate roof with extensive wear, you may want to consider one of the other options, such as reinstalling or replacing slates.

2. Restoration By Reinstalling Slate Materials

On some older roofs, the size, shape and color of slate tiles may be difficult to find due to age and other factors. Many of the slates can be saved by removing them and then reinstalling them with new slates that closely match. This is an option that you may want to do for historic roofs and slate tiles that are hard to find. If many of the slates on your roof are in good condition, this can also help to reduce the cost of materials for your slate roof repairs.

3. Replacing The Entire Roof With New Slate Roofing

In the worst cases, slates may be too damaged to be reinstalled on the roof, which a complete slate roof replacement will be needed. The slate roofing contractor will remove all the old slates and install a completely new roof. If possible, slate tiles will be recycled and used for other slate and masonry materials, if you choose to have the same color slates reinstalled on your home, sometimes the contractor will try to reuse as much of the material as possible to help reduce the cost of your new slate roof.

These are some of the things that can be done to restore a slate roof and make it look like new again. If you need help installing or restoring your slate roof, contact a professional slate roofing contractor to get the help you need.