3 Fun Ways To Paint Your Baby's Nursery

Posted on: 19 February 2015


Preparing your baby's nursery is one of the best parts of waiting for them to arrive. You get to choose everything from the rugs on the floor to the paint on the walls, and all of the decor in between. One of best ways to personalize your baby's nursery is going to be to paint the walls. This will likely determine the whole color scheme for the room, and will allow you to tie everything together. This article will talk about 3 fun ways to paint your baby's nursery. 

Different Colored Walls

A basic way to add personalization and color to your baby's nursery is going to be to paint the walls different colors. You can either paint all four of the walls different colors, or you can simply do two different colors on the four walls. If you want to keep the room still looking somewhat neutral, you can aways keep two of the walls white, and paint the other two pink, purple, yellow, blue, green, or whatever color(s) you have decided on for your baby's nursery theme color. 


Another fun way to paint the walls in your child's nursery is to use painter's tape, measuring tape, and a leveler to create stripes on one or more of the walls. You will need to determine how many inches apart you would like each stripe to be, and then you will need to measure this distance using the measurement tape and leveler. You can then use tape to tape off the area between each of the stripes. The process of painting the stripes will then require you to simply stay between the tape lines while painting, and then remove them when you are done. 


While stencils may require a bit more skill and time, the end results are incredible. There are so many different stencils that you can purchase, so you will likely be able to find almost any pattern or design that you are envisioning. When it comes to painting the actual stencil on the wall, you will need to simply tape the stencil into place, and paint over the top of it. You can use spray paint or a paint brush to paint depending on what works best for you. Once you have completed the stencil work in one area, you will then carefully remove the stencil, and move it to the next area that you need to stencil. For assistance, talk to a professional like L W Winslow Painting.