Tips For Preparing For A Plumbing Emergency

Posted on: 12 February 2015


As any homeowner knows, many problems can arise around the house as things wear out and break. But few problems are as stressful as a plumbing emergency.Whether you are dealing with water leaking everywhere or a disgusting overflowing toilet, plumbing emergencies can be expensive to fix and a huge mess to clean up. You can't ever pinpoint when a plumbing emergency will occur, but you can use the following tips to help yourself prepare:

Know How to Turn Off Your Water Main

Most people are not experienced in repairing plumbing problems, so when a plumbing emergency occurs, they don't know what to do. If you're in the middle of a plumbing emergency but don't have any idea how to fix the problem, your best bet is to turn off the water for the house. But to do this, you need to know where your water main valve is. Don't wait for a plumbing emergency to figure out where it is; take some time to locate your water main now so you know how to access it if you need to.

Remember to Open Outdoor Spigots

Even when you turn off the water to your house, there will still be water left over in your pipes. If you have a burst or leaking pipe, that water can still make a huge mess inside your home. You can help divert the water out off the interior pipes by turning on the spigots of outdoor faucets and allowing the water to flow into your yard.

Keep Some Plumber's Tape On Hand

Even if you have little or no plumbing experience, having a stash of plumbing tape can be very helpful during a minor plumbing emergency. This type of tape is very strong, and it is easy to wrap around broken or cracked pipes to temporarily prevent water from flowing out. Don't plan on using plumber's tape as a long-term solution; if your pipes are broken or cracked it is important to have them repaired by a reputable plumber like Puget Sound Plumbing.

Have the Contact Info of an Emergency Plumbing Service Available

Unfortunately, plumbing problems don't only happen during business hours, so it is in your best interest to find a reputable emergency plumbing repair company in your area that offers 24-hour emergency service. While some minor plumbing emergencies can wait until morning, when you're experiencing a major plumbing problem, you will be happy to see an emergency plumber at your house as soon as possible.