8 Tips For Saving On Crane Services

Posted on: 27 January 2015


When hiring a crane service, you can take steps to keep your costs low. Preparation not only saves money, but it can save time on your project. Here are eight ways to prepare ahead for crane services. 

  1. Arrange a survey. An on-site survey of the work that needs to be done can help cut expenses. The crane operator can give you a solid estimate of what you will and will not be charged for while the crane is on-site. 
  2. Break up the job. If you are going to need the crane for more than a few hours, breaking up the time saves money. Schedule the crane to come in blocks in which it is actually being used and not sitting idly. You are still charged for downtime.
  3. Schedule the crane at off peak times. Traffic can slow down the arrival of your crane. Try to schedule the crane to arrive during a time that traffic is not very heavy. This can help cut down on expenses related to traveling with it.
  4. Prepare a parking space. Obviously, the crane needs a place to park while working on your project. You need to designate an area for setup and work. The area needs to take into account the size of the crane and its accompanying equipment. 
  5. Ensure items are accessible. The objects that you hired the crane to lift need to be easily accessible. Avoid placing them near trees, driveways, and other structures that could interfere with the transfer of the objects. 
  6. Create a plan. Do not rely on the crane operator to come up with a plan for moving your items from one location to another. You should have a plan in place that allows for the crane to keep working and not sit idle. 
  7. Use blocks. If you are only moving a single item, such as a hot tub, try to place it on blocks prior to the arrival of the crane. This will allow for the crane to attach easier to the item. 
  8. Offer help. The crane operator can possibly use assistance that you have to offer. For instance, you could offer to help control the traffic that is moving in and around the job site area. Just ask what you can do to keep the process moving smoothly.

Talk to the crane operator, such as Winslow Crane Service Co, about other ways that you can possibly save on expenses to ensure that the costs related to your job stay as low as possible.