Installing A Portable Gas Heater: Facts You Should Know

Posted on: 19 January 2015


If your home is not equipped with a central heating system or the heating system you have is simply too expensive to run on a daily basis, the use of a portable heater could provide the solution you are looking for. While many of the most popular space heater models will run on electricity, these electric heaters will do little to effectively heat a large space. This is why many homeowners who require widespread heat will ultimately settle on the use of a portable gas heater. The only problem is, if these heaters are not properly installed, they could introduce potentially deadly exhaust gases into your home. That is why it is important to always consider the following facts when installing your portable gas heater.

Gas Heaters Must Be Vented

The biggest risk that comes along with choosing to use a gas heater is the risk of being exposed to exhaust fumes, such as carbon monoxide. In order to prevent these gases from building up inside your home, your gas heater will need to be properly vented. This can be done in a variety of ways. For instance, if your home is equipped with a wall vent, you can use this vent to expel the exhaust fumes from your heater. Exhaust fans in the ceiling can also be used to direct these fumes out of your home.

If your home is not currently equipped with a ventilation system, you will need to install an exhaust pipe that can be directed through an exterior wall or window in order to rid your home of potentially harmful fumes. When performing this installation, do not forget to insulate the area surrounding your new exhaust pipe or you may find that all of the warmth your new heater is creating is merely flying right out the window along with your exhaust fumes.

Local Ordinances And Laws

Due to the potential dangers that come along with unvented gas heaters, some jurisdictions have outlawed the use of these heaters indoors. In order to ensure you are not breaking any laws, it is always best to check local ordinances and laws before installing your new gas heater. A failure to do so could result in hefty fines and a loss of insurance coverage if your area has passed laws against the use of these heaters.

If you find that your state or city has outlawed the use of portable gas heaters in your home, there is no reason to let this heater go to waste. This is because even in areas where indoor use is prohibited, these heaters can be used to effectively warm well-ventilated areas like a garage or patio.

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