5 Ways To Clean Windows In Your Home Without Commercial Cleaners

Posted on: 30 December 2014


Cleaning windows is a task that is easily forgotten, but clean windows can help you see more clearly what is happening outside, and makes the outside of your home appear cared for. You don't have to run out for heavy duty cleaners to clean your windows; you probably already have a number of non-toxic things that can help make your windows sparkling clean. Here are four ways you can clean your windows without cleaners bought from the store.

Use Old Newspapers

A traditional way to clean your windows is simply to take old newspapers and rub the windowpanes until they are clear. It is an effective way to spruce up your windows without too much effort. However, the black and white ink from the newspaper might stain white window frames; to avoid that, take care to only rub the glass itself.

Use Water and Vinegar

Vinegar has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, so it is a great choice for cleaning stains on your windows. For best results, pour equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle and spray the mixture on your dirty windows. After a few minutes, wipe the solution off your windows with a dry cloth or an old rag. You will see an immediate difference.

Use Ammonia for Smokers

If you have a smoker in your home, you may notice some grime and buildup on your windows from smoke and nicotine. To cut through that film, use some diluted ammonia (about one cup of ammonia mixed into a gallon or so of water). Spray the ammonia onto the windows, let sit for a few minutes, and wipe off with a dry cloth. If stains remain, try using the ammonia again; this time, use a soft bristled brush, such as an old toothbrush, to brush the grime away.

Use Rubbing Alcohol for Streaks

Even if you've cleaned your windows with another method, streaks may result. To get rid of streaks, dab a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe the windows down. Streaks should soon disappear.

Try Floor Wax for Windowsills

When cleaning your windows, don't neglect the exterior windowsills. They may seem like they collect dirt quickly since they're always exposed to the elements outdoors, but if you wipe them down with floor wax, your windowsills will be able to repel some dirt and buildup, keeping them cleaner a while longer.

The next time you have to clean the windows in your house, make sure that you use the tips above to give you streak-free, clean windows. You'll be able to see much more clearly through them. If these methods don't work for your windows, you may want to contact a window cleaning company, like Clearview Inc.