About The Function Of Swimming Pool Drains & The Injuries They Can Cause

Posted on: 18 December 2014


Neglecting to take care of the drain covers in your swimming pool can lead to a tragic injury for anyone swimming in it. You must hire a specialist to perform maintenance on your pool sometimes to stay on top of repairs when they are needed. In this article, you will learn about the function of swimming pool drains and the type of injuries they can cause when the covers are damaged or missing.

What is the Function of Swimming Pool Drains?

Your swimming pool is equipped with drains to help with the removal of debris, as well as for emptying the water out. There are drains called skimmers near the surface of pool water for suctioning out debris floating on top of the water. The skimmers have pressure flowing through them to help attract the debris for removal, and the pressure is not that strong but it is dangerous.

There are also drains located at the bottom of the pool that are responsible for the removing of debris that has sunk inside of the water. The bottom drains are the main ones in the water and they have the most powerful amount of pressure in them. Main drains require a lot of pressure because debris that sinks in the water is usually larger and heavier than surface debris.

What Type of Injuries Can be Caused from Damaged or Missing Drain Covers?

The most serious injuries caused from damaged or missing drain covers usually occur when children up to six years old sit on the drains. The pressure flowing through the drains is harmful to both children and adults, but worse for small children because of their small bodies. When a child sits on a drain with a missing cover, he or she can face the tragedy of being disemboweled.

Adults of any body size can also suffer a serious injury or death from missing drain covers. It is not hard for the pressure in the drains to cause a body limb or hair to be suctioned into the drains. When that happens, water entrapment can take place and cause the affected person to drown.

It is a good idea to check the drain covers in the swimming pool each time that you and your loved ones intend on swimming. It is vital for damaged or missing drain covers to be replaced in a timely manner. Don't get in the water until a pool maintenance company such as Aquatic Builders has made the necessary repairs if you know there is a problem with the drain covers to avoid a serious injury!